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I read a lot. And then I get tired.

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Reading at meals is considered rude in polite society, but if you expect to succeed as a writer, rudeness should be the second-to-least of your concerns. The least of all should be polite society and what it expects.
Stephen King (via maxkirin)

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some of the books I liked growing up:

Gerald Durrell’s “My family and other animals,” and all of his travel / animal books

Dumas’ “Three musketeers” and “Count of Monte Cristo”

Jules Vernes, especially Captain Nemo

All of the Jacques Cousteau’s books, which made me want to be an oceanographer

"The last of the mohicans"

An atlas of plants from around the world. It made me want to travel.

When I was a teenager, I enjoyed reading Nabokov’s books for his wordplay, Orwell’s “1984” and Kundera’s “Unbearable lightness of being” for their attempt to explain living in a totalitarian state.

How about you?

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